Princess Ruth Komuntale

Princes Ruth Komuntale Opens Up on Her Parenthood Experience

Tooro princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale has opened up about her new parenthood experience.

In September last year, Princess Ruth Komuntale and her husband Phil Farquharson cemented their marital bond with the welcoming of their son whom they named Jamari Mathew Farquharson Adyeeri.

In Princess Ruth Komuntale’s most recent social media post, she revealed that her new life as a parent has taught her a lot.

A lot of hard work humbling & beautiful best describes Ruth Komuntale’s new life after her son came into her life.

Princess Ruth Komuntale

The Tooro princess added that her son has taught her so much, including having more patience in everything she does before noting that life gained more purpose since he came into their lives.

“I see the world with a totally different lens & what’s really important in life. You bring us so much joy my son. I love you to the moon & back my Afro Caribbean Prince Charming The blood of Jesus cover you for the rest of your life in Jesus Name! You are covered my son.”

She went on to express her gratitude to all great parents, who toil to the best of their abilities to give their kids a better life and asked God to continue equipping them with the grace to continue with the humbling journey.

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“And to all the great parents of grown children, most especially my mother, THANK YOU for raising us so well & equipping us with all we need to go through life” she added


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