Princess Amirah, Chris Evans

Princess Amirah exposes Chris Evans Kaweesi’s intentions of plotting to sleep with her before giving her a collaboration

Singer Princess Amirah real name Namata Ruth Kiwuulo Mbabazi has exposed fellow singer Chris Evans for requesting romantic favours before giving her a collaboration.

While appearing in an interview with Me Media, Princess Amirah highlighted that Chris Evans has anger issues. She recounted embarking on a collaboration with him, which was diligently crafted at Producer Paddy Man’s music studio Audio One.

In an unexpected turn of events, Chris Evans sold the song to Serena Bata, who then sang it with western Uganda-based singer Ray G.

Princess Amirah pointed out that Chris Evans made the decision following his attempt to engage in a romantic affair with her yielded no fruit.

Princess Amirah,

Amirah made it clear that she couldn’t engage in a romantic affair with Chris Evans, citing she deems him her brother, and he lacks the qualities she fancies in a man.

She disclosed that after failing to fulfill his mission, Chris Evans body shamed her, claiming she lacks hind quarters.

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Furthermore, Amirah noted that over the years, she has declined favors from the music industry’s men, upon learning of their true intentions of wanting to bed her.

She expressed her disappointment that men with such intentions have ruined so many female musicians’ careers.


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