Producer Didi

Producer Didi dispels rumors of terminating his life last night

Renowned music producer Didi real name Abdul Karim Muchwa has put to bed reports suggesting that her terminated his life.

Today morning, netizens were shocked by the swirling reports of veteran Didi ending his own life last night due to depression.

The rumors come in light of Producer Didi’s public declaration that he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

While speaking to one of our correspondents in a phone interview, Didi watered down the allegations of his death, deeming them baseless and untrue.

Producer Didi

Didi maintains that he continues to pursue his ambitions of kicking the stigma out of Uganda and creating a suitable environment for everyone battling HIV.

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Furthermore, he persists in creating his Living with HIV movie series which are occasionally published via all his social media platforms to create awareness about the virus.


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