Promoter Drags Geosteady to Court for Snubbing a Show in Palisa

A promoter has dragged singer Hassan Kigozi alias Geosteady to court over failure to perform at a show in Palisa.

According to a promoter identified as Ryan, he booked Geosteady at UGX 2M to headline a show that was slated for 21st October 2022.

He sent Geosteady UGX 1M as a deposit, with the balance due when the singer arrived at the show venue.

However, Gesoteady changed his mind midway through the show preparations and demanded UGX 3M, which Ryan was unwilling to offer the singer.


On the show’s D-day, Geosteady never turned up at the show claiming he couldn’t perform in Palisa for only UGX 2M.

Promoter Ryan went on to note that Geosteady’s decision to snub their show landed them in losses, as revelers vandalized property worth UGX 5M.

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He also claimed that when he contacted Geosteady to request a refund, the singer told him that he would do so in installments because he wasn’t financially stable at the time.

However, Goesteady never kept his promise, forcing the promoter to drag him to court so that justice could be served.

In a voice note that followed Ryan’s allegations, Goesteady could be heard saying that he initially informed the former that he needed UGX 3M to perform in Palisa, but the promoter insisted and deposited UGX 1M on his line before they agreed.


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