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Radio and Weasel Not Ready To Sue Ronald Alimpa Of The “Sean Don” Fame For Redoing Their Song

Radio and Weasel dynamic duo have revealed that they are not ready to sue Ronald Alimpa for borrowing lyrics from their song “African Time” without their consent.

Ronald Alimpa rose to stardom after plagiarising Radio and Weasel’s “African Time” song to create his own dubbed “Sean Don”

Alimpa created “Sean Don” almost two years back. However, with TikTok’s influence, it gained momentum and currently dominates various radio and TV frequencies.

Alimpa Ronald

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Nevertheless, Radio and Weasel’s fans suggest that Alimpa Ronald should be sued for redoing the duo’s song without passing through the right channels.

As the duo’s management was scrolling down the Twitter streets, they bumped into former NBS TV journalist Mordecai Muriisa’s Tweet urging the team to sue Ronald Alimpa for copyright violation.

“That guy who redid Radio and Weasel’s African time song adding lines like “ewaffe olusuku lwa seminti” deserves to be sued for copyright infringement. I don’t care what you think about the song, I agree he popularized it but he can use his unique voice to create his own content,”

Mordecai Muriisa


In Radio and Weasel’s response, the duo thanked Muriisa’s concern regarding the matter, however, laughed off his request to sue Ronald Alimpa reasoning it is his time to shine.

Let the young boy kweyiya it’s his time  however thank you for your concern Broda

Radio and Weasel

The discussion regarding the matter went on, as media personality Walter Mwesigye urged the duo’s management to sit Ronald Alimpa down and educate him that what he did was not the right thing.

I am happy that you want to give him chance to “grow” but I hope you sit him down and teach him that what he did is not actually the right thing to do. Mwali mu Leone Island naye okubeera abakabi temwasooka ku koppa nyimba za Leone Island.

Walter Mwesigye


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