Red Banton

Red Banton On The Spot Over Accumulated Rent Arrears

Veteran singer Red Banton is on the spot over accumulated rent arrears.

According to Red Banton’s landlady, one of the late Ssemangu’s daughters revealed that the singer always plays hide and seek when it comes to clearing his rent dues.

She further notes that even after waiving 8 months of the COVID-19 lockdown, the singer has still failed to normalize his monthly rent payment.

The furious landlady adds that after realising that Red Banton couldn’t afford the rental monthly rent of UGX 750, 000, they sub-rented the garage and boy’s quarter.

Red Banton

However, even after doing so, the singer has not been able to meet his rental obligations regularly and timely.

She adds that whenever Red Banton is reminded to update his rent, he is always bossy and disrespectful.

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It is at this point that the landlady wants the singer to clear his accrued rent arrears or vacate the premises with immediate effect.


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