Paul Kafeero

Remembering Paul Kafeero: Musicians Gather for a 17-Year Memorial Service

Ugandan musicians have earlier today turned up in big numbers to commemorate the late Kadongo Kamu singer Paul Kafeero’s legacy.

On May 17th, 2007, the later Kadongo Kamu singer Paul Kafeero died due to kidney complications and today marks exactly 17 years since his untimely demise.

The singer was since buried at his ancestral home in Nkonkonjeru, Mukono district, which turned into a tourist attraction due to the legacy he left behind.

Annually, fellow musicians, fans, family, and relatives team up to commemorate the late singer’s legacy.

Bobi Wine, Fred Ssebata

Earlier today, stars including Bobi Wine, Mesach Semakula, Fred Ssebata, Aloysius Matovu Joy, and Chairman Nyanzi among others teamed up at St Angess Church in Makindye and held a memorial service for the late singer.

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After a successful memorial service, fans celebrated the late singer’s legacy with an event at Nkokonjeru playground where they were treated to the late’s music, among other joyful moments.


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