NEWSRickman Manrick Challenges Dr Jane Egau Okou's Suspension Of Artists Performances In...

Rickman Manrick Challenges Dr Jane Egau Okou’s Suspension Of Artists Performances In Schools

Singer Rickman Manrick has challenged the Ministry of Education and Sports permanent secretary Dr Jane Egau Okou’s suspension of musicians from performing in schools.

On Monday evening, Dr Jane Egau Okou issued a statement suspending musicians from rendering their services in schools with immediate effect.

Furthermore, the ministry warned all head teachers and principals of government and private secondary and primary schools against inviting artists to perform at their respective schools.

Addressing the Ministry’s most recent development, singer Rickman Manrick took to his Facebook account punching holes in the statement.

In his letter, Rickman urged Dr Jane Egau to be generous while addressing the indecency issue in schools owing not all musicians are fond of misleading kids.

Rickman Manrick

Rickman pointed out that many musicians use the opportunity during their school tours to motivate and orient kids about the benefits of staying in school among other benefits that come with musicians visiting schools.

The Bango star further urged Dr Jane Egau to uproot and punish musicians who are fond of portraying indecency in schools rather than banning the whole music industry.

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The youths who now have had opportunities of having their favourite artists performing at school during the day will then have to jump fences at night to go to nearby nightclubs and bars to see artists perform.

The problem with Ugandans or Africans in general we approach a problem with no alternative solutions but rather sentimental solutions that come off our self-centeredness and entitlement to authority and power. Dr Jane, next time overlook your immediate reactions and dig deeper for better solutions when dealing with issues concerning entertainment and the youth.
Yours sincerely
This generation.

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