Vanessa, Ritah Kaggwa, Bruno K

Ritah Kaggwa Secures Vanessa and Son’s Lifetime Medical Insurance and Education From Nursery to University

Renowned social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa has come out to assist Bruno K’s baby mama Vanessa and her son Seth Kiggundu.

Towards the end of this week, Bruno K and his baby mama Vanessa dominated news columns with the former being accused of child neglect.

This saw Ritah Kaggwa solicit funds from her followers to help Vanessa and her son in their dire state.

In a fortunate turn of events, social media users responded positively, and at the time of this publication the blogger had raised over Ugx 2.3m.

Ritah Kaggwa revealed that after talking to Vanessa, she learned that the mother of one is currently battling cancer and needed medical relief and upkeep.


Additionally, Ritah stressed that is to cover Seth’s school fares from Nursery to University. The pair’s lifetime medical insurance is as well secured by Dr. Samantha Katana of Mulago Hospital and Pam Medical center.

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According to the self-described Mukyala Oga, more financial assistance is still coming in from all over the world in an effort to improve Vanessa and her son’s lives.

Dear followers and fans I have had a lengthy talk with Vanessa and her mother.
▪️Yes it’s true the young lady Vanessa is battling cancer.
▪️She needs personal effects and upkeep money which we can collect here as online family.
▪️Ritah Kaggwa brand has sorted Seth’s school fees from Nursery to University.
▪️We have got Dr Samantha Katana of Mulago Hospital and Pam Medical centre sorting Seth’s medical bills and Vanessa’s medical bills for as long as they live.
▪️In 2 mins of making a post on my snapchat handle Ritahkaggwa2023 we have raised 2.3m.
▪️The Uganda ladies in Diaspora are making their joint payment too waiting for their final figure by Monday.
▪️USA based Veronica N has put her on $500 monthly upkeep with a down-payment of 1.8m
▪️Mable Shanta has pledged to put her on a monthly upkeep too of ugx 300,000.
▪️I have shared their mobile contacts to Vanessa and they liased on how to be delivering all those services towards her and Seth.
So online family if you’re willing to make Contributions use
+256783336698 Ritah Eliba names
We will give you the final sum.”




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