Ronald Alimpa Brands Kasuku an Old Fool, Following the Latter’s Remarks on the Cause of Former’s Car Accident

Singer Ronald Alimpa has no kind words for Media personality Kasuku alias Isaac Daniel Katende.

Following the catastrophe that left Alimpa critically injured and others dead, a group of online users, including Kasuku, came up with theories they think caused the accident.

According to Kasuku, during Alimpa’s performance in Dolwe, he went with a monkey, which was against the local norms and customs.

Kasuku attributed the accident to the aforementioned factors, which Alimpa dismissed as false and inaccurate upon crossing paths with the buzz.


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On his hospital bed, Alimpa disclosed that by Kasuku dragging the singer’s name through the mud he is ploting a media comeback since his name had slipped off the radar.

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Ronald Alimpa further stated that he has no ill will against Kasuku, before emphasizing that the presenter is merely an old man without brains.


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