NEWSRonnie Mcvex Recounts How He Survived Kidney Failure 26 Years Back

Ronnie Mcvex Recounts How He Survived Kidney Failure 26 Years Back

Kidney failure is one of the illnesses that have continued to claim people’s lives within and outside Uganda.

The condition’s expensivity has made it next to impossible for some people to get a second chance at life since it requires jetting out of the country for specialized medical treatment.

Earlier today, comedian-cum-Journalist Ronnie McVex recollected his journey of battling the illness back in 1996.

Musiimenta Ronnie famously known as Ronnie McVex through his socials revealed that he was put down by Kidney failure, which saw him bedridden at Mbarara hospital for a while.

His parents who couldn’t withstand seeing their son battling the illness in the hospital, teared up whenever they visited him.


Since they couldn’t raise money for an operation in India or South Africa, they resorted to praying and fasting for a whole month.

The Next Radio presenter further stresses that after a whole month of prayer, God answered their prayers, and when the doctors conducted a medical review they realized a positive change in his health, and his condition got better in the next few months.

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A few days back, after 26 years, Ronnie McVex jetted to South Africa and his wife, where they visited the Cape Of Good Hope to celebrate his second chance at life and their prospering marriage.

“A place I would have come to in pain seeking help, I have come in celebration of love and marriage with my wife,” Ronnie McVex said partly in a lengthy post.

In 1996, I fell ill of kidney failure.
It was the most trying moment for my family in the eyes of man but also turned out to be one of our family’s greatest testimony.
We didn’t have enough money to go to India for an operation.
Everyday my father came to Mbarara Hospital to check on me (with my mother), and he dropped tears seeing me in pain.
My mother cried and until she couldn’t cry anymore.

The doctors advised that we had to look for money, if we can’t afford India, SouthAfrica would be the next option, but still, it was expensive for us.
My fellowship then, got into a whole month of praying and fasting for me.
We chose to take it to the lord in prayer.
And the God of nations answered our prayers.

Upon hospital review, the doctors realized a positive change in my health. They couldn’t explain it.
It got better every time we went for review.
It was then, that we knew we had to believe Gods report.
The scripture “By His Stripes we are healed” was manifested in my life.

Yesterday, My wife and I visited the Cape Of Good Hope, for me personally, it drew back memories and a moment of thnks giving.
A place I would have come to in pain seeking for help, I have come in celebration of love and marriage with my wife.
It’s by the grace of God friends.

Ronnie McVex


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