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Ruth Akoragye Gives Victor Kamenyo Two Days to Take Her Name Out of His Song

Ruth Akoragye Angora, the ex-lover of rapper Victor Kamenyo, has urged the singer to remove her name from his song or risk facing the consequences.

Almost a month back, Victor Kamenyo and Ruth Akoragye’s relationship went south following the former’s cheating allegations.

Despite the Kamenyo pleading to Ruth to make up, his pleas fell on the ex-lover’s deaf ears and vowed not to look back.

This compelled Kamenyo to take to the recording booth, and released a song dubbed Nakukyawa seemingly directed to Ruth Akoragye Angora.

Angora Victor Kamenyo

Despite the fact that the singer did not mention Ruth’s name anywhere in the song, the song title contained the name ‘Ruth,’ which she did not take lightly.

While appearing in an interview with Spark Tv, Ruth Akoragye revealed that she has no problem with Kemenyo releasing a song about their failed relationship.

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She however made it clear that the singer should remove her name from the song title, and failure to comply with her request he risks facing the consequesnces.

Akoragye went on to say that she regrets dating Kamenyo because his actions do not correspond to his age and he should find his class.

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