Ruth Kuganja, Carol Nantongo, Grace Khan

Ruth Kuganja Confidently Asserts her Superior Musical Abilities Compared to Grace Khan and Carol Nantongo

Shonga Music singer Ruth Kuganja confidently asserts her superior musical abilities compared to Grace Khan and Carol Nantongo combined.

During a recent interview, Ruth was asked to identify the musicians she believes she can surpass in terms of talent between Grace Khan and Carol Nantongo.

She pointed out that Grace Khan’s focus has shifted towards her marriage, which means she is no longer a significant competitor in the music industry.

Regarding Carol Nantongo, Ruth acknowledged that she may pose a slight challenge to her musically, but she is still capable of handling it.

Chosen Becky, Ruth Kuganja

When it comes to her sister, Chosen Becky, Ruth Kuganja expressed utmost respect for her as her elder sibling.

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However, she emphasized that she possesses her own unique talents and stands out in her own domain.


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