NEWSSerena Bata Calls Out Bobi Wine to Help Ex-Lover Sipapa

Serena Bata Calls Out Bobi Wine to Help Ex-Lover Sipapa

Former Sipapa Entertainment singer and ex-lover to the record label chief Olim Charles alias Sipapa has called out Bobi Wine to help the city tycoon as he battles cases of aggravated robbery.

Earlier last year, Sipapa was apprehended together with his wife Shamim, and aligned before the court over cases of aggravated robbery.

The Kampala socialite has since been appearing before the court on several scheduled dates for his case hearings.

Yesterday, prior to his court hearing at Makindye court, Sipapa’s ex-lover Serena Bata called out everyone who has ever been helped by the former to show up to the court at 9:00 Am to show him, love.

Sipapa, Shamirah

Serena was dismayed by Sipapa’s well-wishers’ lackluster attendance in contrast to those he had offered assistance when they most needed it.

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Speaking to the media, Serena voiced her displeasure with Sipapa’s pals for abandoning him just when he needed them the most.

Due to their shared slum upbringing, Serena persuaded Bobi Wine to set aside his grievances with Sipapa and lend a hand.

Serena continued by praising Spice Diana’s management for standing by Siapapa throughout this tough time.

Sipapa was sent back to prison until the 30th of April for another court hearing.

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