Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham

Shakib Cham reveals men prefer sleeping with Zari Hassan than committing to her in marriage

Socialite Shakib Cham has revealed that fellow men prefer sleeping with his wife Zari Hassan than committing to her in marriage

While appearing in their YouTube session, Shakib Cham and Zari Hassan delved into their marriage and the challenges they go through.

Zari Hassan expressed her commitment to Shakib and expressed her disappointment with women who contact him via his social media platforms or target him while at hangout spots.

On the other hand, Shakib Cham revealed that contrary to other men, he chose to marry Zari not because of her wealth or any material possessions.

Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham

He pointed out that many men are interested in Zari for physical pleasure rather than marrying her.

However, Zari quashed the allegations, explaining that not all men see her as an object of pleasure, but some are interested in marrying her and spending the rest of their lives with her.

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Sleep with me, some of them wanna use me, some of them wanna taste, but there are men want to wife me.


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