NEWSShakira Shakira and Her Crew Nursing Injuries After Surviving a Nasty Car...

Shakira Shakira and Her Crew Nursing Injuries After Surviving a Nasty Car Accident

Sad reports on our news desk indicate that singer Shakira Shakira and her crew members survived a nasty car accident.

Over the weekend, Shakira was lined up along with other local musicians to perform at the Iganga street Jam in Eastern Uganda.

On her way back to Kampala after the performance around 2:00 AM on Sunday morning, Shakira, and her crew nearly lost their lives when a heavy blue truck rammed into their car.

Based on Shakira’s Snapchat, she recalls a huge truck sweeping their car off the road from the opposite traffic direction.

Shakira Shakira Ug

Shakira further narrates that her consciousness ended as she grabbed her driver in horror and she awoke in the hospital before asking doctors to call her mother and kid.

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The fact that the singer and her crew made it through the accident with only minor injuries and chest pains is a testament to God’s grace.

The “Ebiliko” singer thanked Allah for giving her another shot at life and pondered how life may be taken away in the blink of an eye.

As you read this, Shakira and other car occupants are receiving medical care, and we are certain they are responding swiftly to the treatment.

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