Bruno K Vanessa

She Denied us the Baby’s Custody – Bruno K’s Sister Defends Brother

Singer Bruno K’s big sister Kiggundu Brenda Mboowa has intervened in her brother’s child neglect matter.

Since yesterday, Bruno K has been the topic of discussion, in light of a Twitter user accusing him of forsaking his son Seth Kiggundu.

Upon the singer’s sister crossing paths with the accusations, she was so quick to react, pointing out that the baby mama Vanessa is to blame.

Brenda acknowledged Bruno K siring a child with Vanessa before their relationship hit a dead end for reasons best known to the couple.

Bruno K Vanessa

She continued by saying that Vanessa and her friends’ attempt to blackmail Bruno by accusing him of neglecting children is not surprising because they have long threatened to go public with the situation in an effort to intimidate him.

Brenda went on to disclose that Vanessa was given startup capital to open a small business which she can’t account for now.

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Brenda furthers that Vanessa frequently insisted that she lacked transportation to take the infant to the hospital despite having obtained medical insurance for the child.

As if that weren’t enough, Bruno K’s sister revealed that they pressed Vanessa to grant them custody of the child, a request that she resolutely rejected on the grounds that she simply needed money to care for her son.

“Vanessa and her friends have for a while been threatening Bruno that they will post such stuff on social media just as they can put him at state of fear of all this going public, well it’s finally out there so now what else can they do

A few facts….

  1. She was given money to start a small business which she can’t account for
  2. She was shown a doctor to take the child to when he is sick, but she claims she has no transport and just demands for money whenever the child is sick which is very often.
  3. We have her the option of giving us the child and she refused claiming she wants money to take care of the child.

If only the poster had the sense to post all the details.”



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