NEWSSheilah Gashumba Hints at Resuming TV Hosting

Sheilah Gashumba Hints at Resuming TV Hosting

NRG Radio Uganda presenter Sheilah Gashumba has hinted at resuming her TV hosting career.

In February this year, Sheilah Gashumba resigned from the Naguru-based media outlet where she had been co-hosting the NBS After5 entertainment show.

In the same month, Sheilah was unveiled as the pristine addition to NRG Radio Uganda, where she currently hosts the ‘Total Access’ Show.

Sheilah Gashumba

Through Snapchat earlier today, Sheilah attributed her decision to quit NBS After5 show to her tight work schedule, which couldn’t let her show up on TV daily as required by the media outlet.

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The socialite, however, revealed that she currently contemplates returning to TV soon, though not on daily shows as she had done initially.

Sheilah Gashumba

We will keep you updated as we wait for what the passage of time will reveal.

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