NEWSSheilah Gashumba Labels Girls Who Participate In The "Porta Potty" As Worthless...

Sheilah Gashumba Labels Girls Who Participate In The “Porta Potty” As Worthless And Disgusting

For weeks now, the buzz of the infamous ‘Porta Potty’ conspiracy in Dubai has suffocated the internet.

Rumors speculated that social media influencers and models jet out of their respective countries to Dubai where they participate in this disgusting activity.

Moguls in Dubai pay young women to take part in the “yacht parties,” where the former defecates on the latter in exchange for money, expensive bags, shoes, and other materialistic items.

Upon Sheilah Gashumba crossing paths with the buzz that had washed social media off its feet, she took to her social media to vent her disappointment with young girls who participate in this immoral behavior.

Sheilah Gashumba

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The NBSAfter5 presenter attributed this escalating vice to young girls’ laziness, yet they want to live a high-budget lifestyle in Dubai.

Sheilah further stressed that unless someone is on drugs, no sane person would trade her soul in exchange for money.

She branded whoever does that kind of business worthless and disgusting who doesn’t have to mingle with other people.

You want to post on Snapchat and post photos on Instagram for strangers!!! If you do that kind of business and you reading this, YOU ARE FUCKING DISGUSTING AND WORTHLESS! You sold your soul for money!!

Sheilah Gashumba

Sheilah Gashumba


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