GOSSIPSinger VIP Jemo Nursing Wounds After Being Ambushed and Hit By Thugs

Singer VIP Jemo Nursing Wounds After Being Ambushed and Hit By Thugs

Former Karma Ivien management singer VIP Jemo is currently nursing minor injuries after being attacked by thugs.

The musician claims that while traveling in a colleague’s car (Range Rover), they were ambushed and blocked by thugs who were wield with pangas and other metallic objects.

These hit the car occupants, and before they made off with valuables an SGA security officer intercepted them.

The officer who showed up in the video with blood stains all over his uniform and face revealed that despite his efforts to apprehend one of the thugs, Herbert, he was unsuccessful when the latter’s companion struck him with a metal object and fled.

VIP Jemo

Similarly, Jemo appears with a swollen face in the video and stesses that the thugs made off with his phones, which were full of crucial information.

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The Sima singer adds that one of his colleagues who was severely injured was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical evaluation.

Have a look at the video below.

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