GOSSIPSinger Weasel Manizo Gets Rid of His Dreadlocks

Singer Weasel Manizo Gets Rid of His Dreadlocks

Weasel Manizo real name Douglas Mayanja, the other half of the musical duet Radio and Weasel has cut off his dreadlocks as of today

The singer, who has worn dreadlocks for several decades made the decision towards the end of this week.

Weasel’s motivation for making the choice is still a mystery, but we are certain he wanted to start the new year with a fresh appearance.

His decision, however, has already sparked a variety of responses from his fans, some of whom claim that he looked better with his signature look.

Weasel Manizo

Others, on the other hand, questioned why it took the singer so long to get rid of the dreads, claiming that he now looks smarter.

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Weasel is not the first male musician to get rid of their dreadlocks, as his elder brother Jose Chameleone, Ykee Benda, and others took the same direction a few years back.

Have a look at his new haircut below.

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