NEWSPolice On a Hunt for Sipapa Over Theft, Wife Shamira and Other...

Police On a Hunt for Sipapa Over Theft, Wife Shamira and Other 3 Arrested

The CID task team is on the hunt for city socialite Sipapa real name Olim Charles following his engagement in a robbery a few weeks back.

Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson revealed in a press conference with the media that on the nights of 28th and 29th, August 2022, unidentified thugs broke into the home of Jacob Alopu, a South Sudanese national.

The suspects applied chloroform on the occupants, before making off with valuables including 4 iPhones, 2 Apple laptops, a Dell laptop, gold jewellery for her wife, a 65-inch Samsung TV and cash worth USD429,000.

Upon initiating investigations, an iCloud signal from one of the stolen iPhones led Police to Sipapa’s home in Buwate Kira Division.


However, at that moment, Sipapa was not home and had travelled to Tororo for his day-to-day duties.

The officials searched the house in the presence of Sipapa’s wife Nakiyimba Shamira, and exhibits of evidential material allegedly stolen from the home of Arok Jacob were recovered.

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These include; USDl0,000, 4 iPhones, 3 laptops, gold jewellery, an iPhone charger, and a macro charger.

Police immediately arrested Sipapa’s wife and the other 3 suspects as the trace for Siapapa’s whereabouts intensifies.

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