NEWSSipapa's Lawyers Have Abandoned His Case Following His Failure to Comply with...

Sipapa’s Lawyers Have Abandoned His Case Following His Failure to Comply with their Financial Demands

According to reports on our news desk, city socialite Olim Charles alias Sipapa’s lawyers have apparently given up on him after he failed to comply with their financial demands.

Sipapa and his wife Shamira were taken into custody at the beginning of this month when exhibits that had been stolen from a South Sudanese national were discovered at their home.

The pair were arraigned before the court and charged with aggravated robbery cases before being remanded to Luzira prison.

However, the couple’s case has taken a new twist, following their lawyers from Elgon Advocates withdrawing from the case on grounds of not being financially facilitated as earlier agreed with their client Sipapa.

Sipapa, Shamirah

According to the paperwork cited by this website preferably directed to the Chief Magistrate Makindye Court, and O.C Upper Prison Luzira, the law firm reached the decision after the socialite failed to uphold the arrangement they established before they expressed interest in his case

The documents further indicate that Sipapa’s case is a capital offence and that developing a successful defence will need a significant amount of research and advanced skills, all of which must be funded.

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The firm continues state that its attempts to obtain payments from the individuals Sipapa directed have been fruitless, leaving them with no option but to withdraw from the matter.

These advised Sipapa to feel free to share their address with his new lawyers, such that they can forward to them his case file.





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