Irene Kayemba, Barbie Kyagulanyi

“Sister-In-Law Irene Kayemba Gave Us Our First Bed During Courtship With Bobi” – Barbie Kyagulanyi

Singer and politician Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie Kyagulanyi has heaped praise on her sister-in-law Irene Kayemba for being monumental in her life.

In a video making rounds on social media, Barbie Kyagulanyi can be seen revealing why she treasures her sister-in-law Irene Kayemba who was celebrating her birthday then.

Barbie reveals that she first encountered Irene Kayemba as the first in-law, and she was pleased that the latter accepted her and they had a particular link from the day they met till the present.

Barbie continues by saying that Irene supported them during their engagement with Bobi Wine, helped them choose a home, constantly reminded them to pay their rent on time, and gave them use of her one and only bed.

It is for the aforementioned reasons that Irene Kayemba continues to have a significant influence on Barbie Kyagulanyi’s life.

Irene Kayemba

When you’re at your lowest and someone comes into your life you up to make your situation better you can never take that person for granted so I her birthday I really wanted her to know what she means to me particularly and did not want to wait for a time when it was too late for her understand what she means to me.

-Barbie Kyagulanyi-


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