GOSSIPSouth African based hustler accuses Dr. Kluthum Nabunya of snatching her man

South African based hustler accuses Dr. Kluthum Nabunya of snatching her man

A few hours back, social media corridors had it that Kluthum Nabunya a widow to the late Nuhu Muzaata Batte had found love again after almost a year of being single. Kluthum unveiled Akram Gumisiriza as her new catch and went ahead to make their marriage official in a secret Kuwoowa ceremony at her parent’s home of Mr. Ibrahim Ssebunya in Magere. The function was graced by a few close friends and family.

In a blink of an eye, Kluthum and Akram’s Kuwoowa photos had suffocated the virtual community. It’s at this moment that Tasha who resides in Johannesburg South Africa realized that her Mr. right had married another wife in Uganda.

Tasha stormed social media to claim ownership of the man, but it was too late for her. In a series of videos released by Tasha while crying foul, she claimed Kluthum had snatched her man. She added that the money which facilitated the pair’s Kuwoowa ceremony was her hard-earned cash.  Tasha continued to explain that she gave Akram 50k Rand (12Million UGX) to deliver to her family since he was jetting into the country to nurse his bedridden father. She says the then-boyfriend did the contrary picking another 9Million UGX from her sister to fulfill his hidden agender.

Tasha and boyfriend Akram Gumisiriza

During an interview with Kayz, Tasha said since she can’t recover her lost love with Akram, all she wants from the couple is her money.  She trashed Akram’s claims that he is an engineer in South Africa, saying he has no permanent job in the country.

When Dr. Kluthum was asked about everything going on, she just added salt to Tasha’s wound saying she owns the man and doesn’t care about what people say. She rubbished  Tasha’s allegations that her new catch had used 20m meant for her family to facilitate the Kuwoowa adding that according to what Gumisirza brought to her parents, the budget was beyond.

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