Spice Diana

Spice Diana confident in bookings and relevance despite not having a new song in over 4 years

Source Management singer Spice Diana has opened up about her relevance in the Uganda music industry.

According to Spice Diana, she has worked so hard over the years and her repertoire can sustain her brand for the next four years despite not releasing a new song.

Spice is confident that she can still secure bookings and remain significant in Uganda’s music industry without exerting too much effort.

She noted that during the four-year new music release hiatus, she could perform fellow musicians’ songs like Mesach Semakula, Lil Pazo, and Irene Namatovu among others.

Spice Diana

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The “Bagikoona” singer remains unbothered by critics, as she asserts that their rants keep her in the limelight as well as provide sustenance for her livelihood.


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