NEWSSpice Diana Contributes UGX 3.4M towards the Repatriation of Ugandans Stuck in...

Spice Diana Contributes UGX 3.4M towards the Repatriation of Ugandans Stuck in Arab Nations

Source management singer Spice Diana has contributed UGX 3.4M toward the repatriation of Ugandan workers stack in Arab nations.

A few weeks back, singer cum politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine initiated a fundraising campaign to repatriate Ugandan migrant workers stuck in detention centers of the Arab nations.

Bobi Wine’s decision was influenced by Dubai Official’s decision to cancel his charity event, which was intended to raise cash for less fortunate Ugandans stuck in the Arab world detention centers.

During the initiative’s formal launch, Bobi Wine, who gave UGX 10 million, urged other Ugandans to support the cause by contributing whatever they could.

Spice Diana

By the end of yesterday, 41 Ugandans had been repatriated and the number is expected to increase.

Impressed by Bobi Wine and his team’s initiative, Spice Diana reached out to the NUP political party leader on Friday morning and paid for the repatriation of four Ugandans valued at UGX 4.3 million.

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Spice Diana’s generosity couldn’t go unnoticed by Bobi Wine, who shared the receipt of the former’s transaction and thanked her for the gesture portrayed.

Bobi Wine went on to say that the initiative’s goal is to alleviate the suffering of Ugandans in Arab countries, rather than being politically affiliated, as some detractors have argued.

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