NEWSStop Using and Dumping Slogan Creators - Netizens Tell Ugandan Musicians

Stop Using and Dumping Slogan Creators – Netizens Tell Ugandan Musicians

Netizens want Ugandan musicians and companies to stop using and dumping slogan creators, but rather start paying appropriately for their content.

Over the years, arbitrary individuals have been rising to stardom as a result of their catchy slogans thanks to Tiktok and other socializing Apps.

“Tuli Waweru”, “Muwunya”, “Kabaka Mwanga”, “Tuli Babandana” and many others have seen Ugandans use them in various facets of their daily life.

On the other hand, a number of songs have been recorded and dorminated airwaves after borrowing from these phrases.

Several businesses have also used these individuals’ fame to market their products, only to pay them peanuts in return.

Asiya, Charles, Muzeeyi Jjemba

As a result, many internet users have taken notice of the skyrocketing vice and advised those with covetous intentions to refrain from using these people uncompensated.

The concerned parties further claim that by relocating these creatives from their various villages to the city, their way of life is being distorted yet they are not given anything worth their time.

They are rather offered a three-week celebrity lifestyle and then abandoned after those around them attaining their nafarious motives.

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At this point, internet users have urged those who utilize these slogans and the people who created them for financial advantage to compensate them fairly for their work.

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