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Swangz Avenue Announces All-Star Album Project: A Groundbreaking Collaborative Effort by Uganda’s Top Artists

Swangz Avenue is thrilled to announce the launch of the Swangz All-Star Album, an unprecedented collaborative project bringing together some of Uganda’s most celebrated artists.

The announcement was made across all Swangz Avenue socials, accompanied by a captivating video showcasing our talented lineup, including Vinka, Azawi, Winnie Nwagi, Elijah Kitaka, Zafarani, and Joy Good.

In the announcement video, Swangz co-founder Benon Mugumbya briefs the artists on a unique challenge: to set aside their individual commitments, cancel all bookings, and dedicate a week in Zanzibar to record a full-length album. This project marks the first time these artists will collaborate on a single piece of art, promising a remarkable fusion of talent and creativity.

“This is more than just a Swangz project; it’s a Ugandan all-star album,” Benon stated.

“We have always aspired to create a collaborative album featuring various Ugandan artists, and we are excited to finally bring this vision to life. We are going to have several other artists featured on the album”

Swangz Avenue

Swangz Avenue CEO Julius Kyazze commented on the project’s potential impact: “This album will create immense exposure for everyone involved, especially for Ugandan music and brands that choose to associate with it. Music is a powerful passion point for Ugandans, and this project will undoubtedly resonate with a wide audience.”

About Swangz Avenue: Swangz Avenue is East Africa’s premier record company, renowned for its consistent delivery of hit songs and nurturing of some of the biggest artists for over 15 years. As Uganda’s longest-standing record label, Swangz Avenue has demonstrated unwavering commitment and excellence in the music industry, solidifying its reputation year after year.

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In line with its growth strategy, Swangz Avenue has plans to extend its reach to other African countries. The Creative Camp project is expected to include collaboration with some of the top producers in Tanzania. Furthermore, Swangz Avenue is rumored to be launching operations in Kenya and Ghana, positioning itself as Africa’s leading record company.

The Swangz All-Star Album is slated for release in October, with exact dates to be announced. As anticipation builds, more details will be shared in the coming weeks.


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