LIFESTYLETeddy Naluswa and Pastor Bugingo's Daughter Winnie Treasure Bugingo Graduates as an...

Teddy Naluswa and Pastor Bugingo’s Daughter Winnie Treasure Bugingo Graduates as an Aero Space Engineer

Congratulations are in order for Teddy Naluswa and House of Prayer Ministries lead pastor Bugingo’s daughter Winnie Treasure Bugingo who graduated as an aerospace engineer.

Teddy Naluswa’s daughters have continued to wipe her tears away having capped their studies this year.

In light of Bujjingo Doreen Gift’s recent graduation from Makerere University with a Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering, the family’s second-born kid, Winnie Treasure Bugingo,  has also reached the pinnacle of her studies.

Winnie Treasure Bugingo, Teddy Naluswa

Winnie Treasure Bugingo graduated from the United Kingdom, and she was accompanied by her mother Teddy Naluswa throughout the event.

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Winnie’s father was absent from the graduation ceremony, as it has been at all of his daughter’s previous graduations.

Have a look at the video below.

Congratulations Winnie Treasure Bugingo!

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