The Ben, Uwicyeza Pamella

The Ben, Uwicyeza Pamella Hold Colourful Traditional Wedding | PHOTOS

Rwandan singer The Ben and his wife Uwicyeza Pamella held their traditional wedding earlier today. The love story between The Ben and Uwicyeza Pamella began in 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya, where they first met and immediately felt a strong bond.

The couple has since gone through a series of ceremonies to formalize their relationship, starting with their engagement, followed by a civil wedding, and now holding their traditional wedding.

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Dressed in traditional Rwandan garbs, the couple looked graceful as they celebrated their marriage surrounded by their close friends, relatives, and well-wishers.

The couple is expected to hold their grand wedding ceremony on December 23, 2023, at the prestigious Kigali Conventional Center in Rwanda.

Have a look at the photos below;


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