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The Only Person Who Can Determine My Dress Code Is My Client – Winnie Nwagi

Singer Winnie Nwagi has come public and revealed that the only person who can determine her dress code is her client.

Over the years, Winnie Nwagi’s skimpy fashion choices have been heavily criticized by a section of internet users and mainstream media.

This has seen the singer land in a weird spot, the most recent being the Ministry of Internet Affairs saga.

During her media tour for her impending concert, Nwagi revealed in an interview with Urban Tv that she is unbothered by critics’ remarks regarding her dress code.

Winnie Nwagi

The singer noted that just like shops which start with no customers’ advice or capital, the same implies to her dress code owing no one funds her attires.

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Nwagi further stressed that the only person privileged to determine her dress code is her client who pays for service to perform at a wedding or birthday party.

She maintained that the social media commenters readers association have no moral authority to determine what she puts on or sing.


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