NEWSTiktoker Arthur Kayima Having the Last Laugh After Relocating from Saudi Arabia...

Tiktoker Arthur Kayima Having the Last Laugh After Relocating from Saudi Arabia to London in Search of Greener Pastures

Renowned Tiktoker Arthur Kayima reportedly relocates from Saudi Arabia to London in search of greener pastures.

Beginning as a labourer in Saudi Arabia, Arthur Kayima worked his way up to prominence. He gained fame and became well-known thanks to his amusing Tiktok videos.

During one of his annual holidays in Uganda, Arthur linked up with UK-based singer, actress, and philanthropist Lyton Namubiru.

The two discussed a variety of things, including whether Lyton could assist him in moving to the UK.

Arthur Kayima, Layton Namubiru

Arthur returned to Saudi Arabia while Lyton continued processing Arthur’s paperwork in London. He became a laughing stock, with critics pointing out that the Tiktoker would have relocated to London with Lyton’s aid, but he wasn’t smart enough.

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The Tiktoker resisted the urge to expose his hidden ambitions despite the criticism. However, as you read this, Arthur is finally getting the last laugh following the development of moving to London with Lyton’s assistance.

Based on the video clip cited by this website, Arthur Kayima landed well in the UK and was welcomed by Lyoton Namubiru at the airport amid hugs.

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