GOSSIPTiktoker Macmeow3's HIV Positive Confession Initiates Panic Mode in Her Social Circle...

Tiktoker Macmeow3’s HIV Positive Confession Initiates Panic Mode in Her Social Circle | VIDEO

Tiktoker Macmeow3’s confession that she is battling HIV/AIDS has caused panic among those in her social circle, especially men.

Over the weekend, a Tiktoker Macmeow3 real name Mackline Juliet Nakalema confessed how she contracted the deadly HIV/AIDS.

Mackline Juliet who had just left the hospital at the time of the viral video recording made her HIV results known to the public.

She then advises some of her acquaintances with whom she has ever had sexual contact to be tested for HIV and to start medication once they test positive.

Mackline mentions Kajohny Omutooro, Manager Mutaawe of the comedic duo Maulana and reign, Sanny Ug, and Timo among the numerous others she said she couldn’t remember.

The Tiktoker also expresses regret to the person she infected with HIV/AIDS before stating that it wasn’t her intention.

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Following her admission, Mackline has received conflicting reactions, with some internet users pointing out that she is fine but merely attracting media attention.

On the other hand, some have insisted that the Tiktoker is infected and that anyone she mentioned should get tested and start medication before it’s too late.

Have a look at the video below.


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