NEWSUganda Council For Higher Education Regards Pastor Bugingo and Counterparts' Graduation As...

Uganda Council For Higher Education Regards Pastor Bugingo and Counterparts’ Graduation As Invalid

On Friday 10th June, the internet was awash with Pastor Bugingo’s graduation photos upon acquiring a Bachelor of Theology and Integrated Studies at Kayiwa International University.

The city pastor’s followers and well-wishers were sent into a congratulatory mode, painting cyberspace with heartfelt messages.

No sooner had Pastor Bugingo initiated the celebrations for the milestone achieved, than the Uganda National Council For Higher Education (NCHE) punched halls in the degree acquired by the House of Prayer Ministries International lead pastor and his counterparts.

In a video cited by this website, Saul Waigolo, the spokesperson for NCHE revealed that the KINTU university working permit was revoked following failure to meet the minimum prerequisites to operate as a university.

Pastor Bugingo

Lack of qualified teaching staff, failure to file tax returns, and lack of infrastructure among others were some of the reasons why the university was stopped from operating.

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Saul Waigolo further mentioned that since KINTU university ceased to be recognized by NCHE as a University in Uganda, any academic award arising from the university is regarded as null and void.

The council maintained that the documents acquired from KINTU university should not be used to obtain employment or to further one’s studies within and outside Uganda.


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