Rasta Zziwa

Ulcers Claim Social Media Sensation Rasta Zziwa’s Life

Renowned social media sensation rasta Zziwa real name Bogere Zziwa has been pronounced dead.

Rasta Zziwa gained notoriety via video sharing platform TikTok, where he has been sharing his hilarious videos.

However, recently he was attacked by an ailment, stemming from stomach ulcers, which saw him confined in his bed for several weeks.

According to reports, Rasta Zziwa’s ulcer ailment was caused by his constant Khat use, which led to the deterioration of his food appetite.

Despite the medical treatment, Zziwa didn’t survive to witness tomorrow, as he lost his precious life last night.

Rasta Zziwa

He was since carried to Kayunga-Nazigo, where he is going to be laid to rest in his eternal home at 4:00 PM today.

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Before his unforeseen demise, Zziwa left behind two kids, who will be in the custody of the deceased’s relatives.

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