NEWSUganda Musicians' Association (UMA) Electoral Committee Extends Election Date

Uganda Musicians’ Association (UMA) Electoral Committee Extends Election Date

Following objections from several Uganda Musicians’ Association (UMA) members, the association electoral committee has extended the election date to rectify the shortcomings.

This comes a few hours after King Saha through his lawyers urged the association to halt the election process because he believed all the proceedings were not transparent enough.

Mesach Semakula, the association Chairman Policy Board through a press release stressed that voters needed the education to reach the polling day when they understand how the process is going to be conducted, hence more time was paramount.

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA)

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In the same press release shared on the association’s social media platforms, Mr. Geoffrey Ekongot, the Chairman UMA Electoral Committee revealed that the election which was scheduled for  23rd May 2022 has been called off to avail ample time to iron out the faults.

6th June 2022, is the new date set by the association to conduct the elections, and vowed there will be no more extensions whatsoever.

The press release stipulated that the voter education campaign is ongoing in the media and member networks, and Various activities shall be conducted to engage members towards election day.

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