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UNMF President Eddy Kenzo Addresses Alien Skin and Pallaso’s Conflicts

The Uganda Musicians National Federation (UNMF) president Eddy Kenzo has addressed the conflicts between Pallaso of Team Good Music and Alien Skin.

On Monday 29th May 2023, Pallaso lost his cool beating up Alien Skin over allegedly sabotaging his concert rehearsals in Makindye.

Pallaso’s decision to thump Alien Skin drew harsh criticism from his fans, followers and several music stakeholders.

As a result, Pallaso felt obligated to publicly apologise through his socials, stating that his emotions had taken control of him, appealing to the person(s) he had offended for forgiveness, and pledging to behave better moving ahead.

When contacted to remark on the saga, Eddy Kenzo revealed that it is preposterous that one of the UNMF vice presidents was caught on the wrong side of the law.


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Kenzo added that as the federation they reached out to Pallaso who acknowledged his mistake and expressed his sincere regrets for what he did.

The Big Talent singer stressed that as the UNMF, they intend to meet Pallaso and Alien Skin, in an effort to quash their animosity.

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Eddy Kenzo debunked rumours pointing out that the saga could be a stunt crafted by the two musicians to push Pallaso’s concert, adding that no musician would engage himself in such a repulsive act a few days away from his concert.

Furthermore, Kenzo called upon Ugandans to pardon Pallaso and turn up in big numbers to support him at his concert on 09th June.


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