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Upcoming Artist Loses His Cool, Orders To Scrap Mary Bata Off The Panelists, Labels Her An Upcoming | VIDEO

Earlier this week, a video of an upcoming singer despising Namakula Mary Bata famously known as Mary Bata surfaced on social media.

According to a short video clip making rounds, an upcoming singer could be seen vowing not to take part in the audition process unless Mary Bata is scraped off the judging committee.

The upcoming singer reasoned that they paid Ugx10,000 each, for the auditions at vox lounge in Makindye.

Mary Bata

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However, to his surprise, the Mulimuki singer was one of the panelists contrary to his expectation, something he couldn’t tolerate.

He stressed that he couldn’t permit Mary Bata to evaluate him because he believes she is also a struggling and upcoming artist just like him.

Mary Bata

His utterances were cut short by the emcee who took the microphone away from him before ordering him to vamoose the premises.

His action generated mixed reactions among internet users, as a few agreed with him, while others criticized his move labeling him an ill-mannered upcoming artist, who won’t make it to the big screens with such characters.

Take a look at the video below.

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