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Upcoming Singer Sumayya Sheeba Accuses Eddy Yawe of Giving Out Her Song Following Her Failure to Meet His Sexual Obligations

Upcoming singer Sumayya Sheeba accuses dream studios boss Eddy Yawe of giving out her song following her failure to meet his sexual obligations.

According to Sumayya, she was linked to Eddy Yawe by a mutual friend and they agreed to make a song dubbed ‘Akalosa’

The two met in Copenhagen, Amstaderm, before successfully voicing their collabo at Ismas Pro’s studio.

Sumayya reveals that she facilitated all the necessary requirements from studio sessions, transport and eating.

Later, Eddy Yawe urged Sumayya to fly to the country as there were some changes that needed to be made to the song, a request she honoured.

Sumayya Sheeba

To her surprise, however, Eddy Yawe did the song with another artist identified as Tyba without her consent.

Sumayya Sheeba attributed Eddy Yawe’s move to her failure to meet his sexual desires since he was pestering her to indulge in sexual acts with him on different occasions.

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It is at this point that Sumayya demands her share of the song’s earnings because the pristine version with Tyba still has the backups she voiced.

When Eddy Yawe was reached out via a phone interview, he rubbished the allegations.

This is not the first time Eddy Yawe is falling out with artists moments after working on a collaboration with them, as Martha Mukisa and Carol Nantongo also tasted his wrath.

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