Sheilah Gashumba

Use Condoms to Avoid Siring Kids with Women You Don’t Love – Sheilah Gashumba Cautions

Socialite and media personality Sheilah Gashumba has urged men to use condoms to avoid siring kids with women they don’t intend to have a future with.

The number of child neglect cases both within and outside the entertainment industry has risen substantially over the years, with Bruno K being the most recent victim.

In the middle of this week, Bruno K bagged a couple of press headlines following reports surfacing pointing out that he is a deadbeat father.

Since then, online users have expressed their opinions regarding the development, including former NBS After5 host Sheilah Gashumba.

Sheilah Gashumba

Taking to Twitter, Sheilah revealed that women should be aware that while many men would want to have sexual relations with them, very few or non are interested in having children with them.

She continued by asking why, in the absence of protection, a man would sleep with a woman he doesn’t want to have children with.

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Sheilah made it known that all these child neglect struggles between adults can be avoided if precautionary measures are taken before having sex.

“Ladies; please understand that many men will desire to sleep with but a few / none will want to have a kid with you. Men; if you don’t want to have a kid with someone why sleep with them without a condom? All these wars between 18 and above adults over kids can be avoided!!”


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