Vinka, Jackie Chandiru

Vinka commends Jackie Chandiru for her role in launching her career

Swangz Avenue singer Vinka alias Nakiyingi Veronica Lugya heaped praise on fellow singer Jackie Chandiru for her pivotal role in kickstarting her career.

Yesterday 22nd June 2024 the Blu*3 held their reunion concert which featured a handful of musicians including Vinka.

Vinka’s unexpected performance at the show took everyone aback, as she joined Jackie Chandiru to perform a rendition of the “All Over You” song.

After the duo’s epic performance, the dancer cum singer expressed her gratitude to Jackie Chandiru, revealing that the Blu*3 singer played a significant role in launching her career.


In her heartfelt speech, Vinka revealed that as a young girl from school with curfew at home, Jackie and her manager took time to meet her mother and asked her to allow her to work with her as her dancer hence sharing the same stage with her as a musician last night meant a lot to her.

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Oh my God, Jackie may not understand that this moment is very…..I don’t want to cry, the first time I did a rehearsal with her I was like you don’t know what this means to me. Guys got onto my first plane because of Jackie. My mother allowed me to go start dancing out there because of Jackie. Jackie and her manager went and talked to my mother and that is how I started dancing.


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