Washington Explains the Delayed Release of the Late Mowzey Radio’s Music

Music producer Washington real name David Ebangit has explained why the late Mowzey Radio’s music hasn’t been published.

While appearing in an interview with Sanyuka TV, Washington revealed that before his untimely demise, Mowzey Radio and Weasel Manizo had music on pending release.

He noted that he, Weasel Manizo, and the late Mowzey Radio own copyright to all the crafts they created, before urging critics to stop eliciting conflicts between them.

Wash mentioned that besides the music known by the public, they have a lot of unreleased music in store.


The producer however stressed they intend to release this music at the right time, claiming that the copyright law and the system in the country currently are not favorable to put this music in circulation.

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Furthermore, the veteran producer made it known that before Radio’s death, they could make ten songs a day. He added that if they were to release ten songs a day as per Weasel Manizo’s request, they would disrupt the music industry.

@soundman_tv Producer Washington says he and Weasel have plans to release unreleased Goodlyfe songs. “We’re going to release them at the right time” #foryou #uganda #fyp #sanyukatv #raidoandwealse ♬ original sound – SOUNDMAN MEDIA 📺🎙📹🎥


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