Weasel Manizo, Gang Abba

Weasel Manizo’s Manager Badly Thumps Him, Leaves Him Nursing a Bruised Eye

Goodlife singer Weasel Manizo real name Douglas Mayanja was embroiled in a physical altercation with his acting manager Gang Abba.

A few days back, Weasel Manizo made a public appearance at one of Kampala’s hangout spots with a bruised eye, raising eyebrows among revellers.

Weasel, who seemed inebriated, was seen heaping praise on his brother Pallaso, with his eye covered by a black patch that is believed to have resulted from a fight.

Reports surrounding Weasel’s bruised eye, however, suggest that he was embroiled in an intense physical fight with his manager.

Reports further point out that the fight was sparked after Weasel performed at one of the events on the outskirts of Kampala, but failed to agree with his manager over monetary issues.


Weasel Manizo

The pair’s failure to agree ignited a physical brawl, which saw Waesel go away with a bruised eye and Gang Abba with minor injuries.

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This is not the first time Weasel is embroiling in fights, as he recently battered his wife Sandra Teta blue-black before the latter traced his marriage exit.


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