Eddy Kenzo, Phiona Nyamutoro

Eddy Kenzo reveals reason for not inviting fellow musicians to his Kukyala Ceremony with Phiona Nyamutoro

Big Talent singer Eddy Kenzo has explained why he never invited fellow musicians to his just-concluded “Kukyala” ceremony.

On the 29th of June 2024, Eddy Kenzo and his fiance Hon. Phiona Nyamutoro held their customary “Kukyala” ceremony at the latter’s parents’ home in Buziga, a Kampala suburb.

However, the ceremony was a surprise to many, as the preparation process was highly concealed, and was graced by a handful of invited guests.

This left many bewildered, eliciting questions about what prompted the couple to exclude a section of people.

While addressing the press today, Kenzo revealed that the ceremony was open to a few family members and relatives who are very crucial in their marriage legalization process.

Eddy Kenzo, Phiona Nyamutoro

He added that during the “Kukyala,” they delved into several topics, including the required dowry to deliver to Nyamutoro’s parents during the forthcoming introduction ceremony among other crucial issues.

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Kenzo maintained that this meeting couldn’t be open to the general public, however, pledged to invite everyone to their introduction in Nebbi.


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