NEWSWinnie Nwagi Opens Up On Why She Doesn't Covet Working With Nigerian...

Winnie Nwagi Opens Up On Why She Doesn’t Covet Working With Nigerian Artists

Many Ugandan musicians crave working with Nigerian stars to tap into their wide music market and broaden their fan base.

After working with Nigerians, Ugandan musicians expect support and other favours that come with doing a collaboration with any flourishing artist.

However, many end up disappointed, developing a bias against working with West African artists.

Addressing the same issue, songbird Winnie Nwagi during an interview with Galaxy TV, revealed that Nigerians are not good people to do a collaboration with.

Winnie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi reasoned that she has noticed very many local talents collaborate with Nigerians on good music projects. To her surprise, Nigerians feel so proud to push these songs in their home country, no matter how good the project is.

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The self-branded fire baby wondered why Nigerians keep suffocating the projects they’ve done with Ugandans,  adding that she is so disappointed with them.


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