Winnie wa Mummy

Winnie Wa Mummy Released from Kabalagala Police Station Following a Conflict With Green Hill Academy

Upcoming singer and content creator Winnie Wa Mummy has this evening been released from Kabalagala Police Station where she had been dragged following a conflict with Green Hill Academy.

Today, Winnie was embroiled in a heated argument with Green Hill Academy officials after causing commotion as she recorded content at the school premises.

Winnie had visited the school to meet one of her colleagues, much to the excitement of some of the fans she had crossed paths with.

Winnie’s content recording on the school premises was deemed a violation of the school rules and was reportedly thumped, her phone confiscated, before being dragged to Kabalagala Police Station for questioning.

Winnie Wa Mummy

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Fortunately, Winnie and the school administration resolved the matter, and she was released without any case charges.


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