Wizzard OG, Hatim and Dockey

Wizzard OG Unveils New Single ‘Mafia’ Featuring Hatim and Dokey

Upcoming dancehall singer Wizzard OG has released his latest single dubbed “Mafia,” where he features the dynamic Ugandan duo of Hatim and Dokey.

This collaboration marks Wizzard OG’s third track, following the success of “Honey” and “Teri Agambayo.”

Wizzard OG, a fresh face in the Ugandan music scene, is rapidly gaining popularity with his unique sound and energetic performances. His most recent song release, “Mafia,” is a vibrant dancehall love song produced by renowned producer D’Mario. The track promises to be a summer anthem, blending catchy rhythms with heartfelt lyrics.

Hatim and Dokey, known for their impressive songwriting and vocal skills, have made significant contributions to the track.

The duo, comprised of Dokta Brain and Hatim, have a string of hits to their name and are celebrated for their artistic versatility and captivating stage presence.

Wizzard OG, Hatim and Dockey

Both artists have been passionate about music from a young age, which is evident in their polished and engaging performances.

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The release of “Mafia” is accompanied by a lyrics video available on YouTube, and fans are eagerly anticipating the official music video, set to drop soon.


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