GOSSIP"You Want To Die 24?" Ykee Benda Questions Zari's Age Critics

“You Want To Die 24?” Ykee Benda Questions Zari’s Age Critics

For days now, South African-based socialite Zari Hassan among other influential Africans has been appearing in the teasers for the upcoming African reality show dubbed ‘Young, Famous, and African’ that will air on Netflix starting from 18th March 2022.

However, a few Ugandans are fond of storming the Netflix Facebook comment section where teasers of the forthcoming episodes are shared, leaving unpleasant remarks meant to put Zari down.

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Having come across one of the screengrabs shared by Trending Show Biz Uganda  portraying the negative remarks directed to Zari, Ykee Benda was quick to show his discontent with Ugandans via the comment section.

The action unfolded by netizens left Mpaka Records boss with a sour taste in the mouth since he comprehends the feeling of being put down by your own. Zari HassanIn the comment, Ykee Benda noted that Zari is being cyber harassed because she is doing way better than her critics.

The Obangaina star further revealed that it’s a big deal for Zari to be in the Netflix series whether she’s aged or not.

He wondered why people mock others for being old as if they want to die young. “Don’t you guys wanna grow old?” Ykee Benda questioned partly in his comment.

See country people trying to put another one down only because she’s doing better than them !! Then someone will ask why we aren’t going so far yet we are pulling each other behind. It’s a big deal for Zari to be in the Netflix series whether she’s old or not. People mock others for being old like they want to die young. Don’t you guys wanna grow old?. You wanna die 24 ?!! Eh my Lordt

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