GOSSIPZahara Totto Blames Kusasira And Big Eye's Embarrassment On Bobi Wine And...

Zahara Totto Blames Kusasira And Big Eye’s Embarrassment On Bobi Wine And a Company

On Wednesday 23rd, 2022, Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye StarBoss, and Catherine Kusasira were victims of humiliation upon turning up at fellow singer Mathias Walukagga’s father’s burial in Kinyera, Masaka.

The action has since attracted divergent opinions from netizens with some NUP political wing supporters consenting to the action exhibited at the burial, while a handful suggests otherwise.

Zahara Totto

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During the Uncut gossip show that airs on Sanyuka TV, gossip queen Zahara Totto showed her discontent with Bobi Wine and other musicians who couldn’t intervene while fellow musicians were being harassed by the uncontrollable mob.

The self-branded Field Marshall stressed that Big Eye and Catherine Kusasira took time off their busy schedules to mourn with Walukagga only to be humiliated at the burial grounds.

Catherine Kusasira

Zahara Totto called out the NUP principle Kyagulanyi Ssentamu to curb the growing vice in his supporters less of that he will soon be the next victim to their wrath.

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